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We are Indian Company with solutions for Electronic Security & Safety Systems, Attendance Management Systems and Multiple RFID Applications. We have efficient solutions of Office Security, Building Security, Industrial/ factory security, Hotels Security, Hospitals Security & Automation though RFID Solutions, University/ College Security, Gym Security & Gym Management/ Membership RFID Application and School Security & Student Information Software Systems. We are a team of dynamic, efficient & experienced peoples with objected oriented electronic security approach. We always emphasize on providing innovating solutions and learning new technologies. Our team is able to implement complex/ new security systems in a significant planned manner.

The ultimate goal is to make customer feel secure, safe and accountable with our useful customized solutions with excellent after sales support & service.

Today every business requires high level of security. A Building, Factory & office is a place for collecting all the tools of your Business at one place, manage them and run business machinery smoothly. The Building is the most important part of this machinery; it holds all the contents according to our requirement and helps us to perform all the required functions in a planned manner.

Building owners and the persons managing the building facilities always have a challenge in keeping it secure, safe and informed. The right and effective way to it is through building Electronic security and Safety Management system. Building security includes the CCTV Surveillance System & Door Access Control System and the safety system includes the Fire Detection/Protection System.

CCTV Surveillance System

You have the choices of various types of CCTV Cameras and the monitoring procedures, Different mediums for authenticating to get inside the building like biometric or RFID Access Cards. In case of fire safety systems you need the detection system which includes the smoke detection, heat detection and the controlling part to analyze the emergency and inform everyone who is inside the building. There are some other systems associated to it called fire suppression systems.


There is one more important Solution to manage your Manpower Attendance Management System. This system includes the medium to mark the presence electronically, data transfer to PC and the software to manage all the information and provide the reporting and Wages/Payroll Management. We have Single Location/ Multi Location Biometric/ RFID/ Smart Access Card based Attendance Management System with flexibility of Customization as per user requirements.